School Age

All-day Kindergarten-6th Grade.

Program Guidelines

  • We offer breakfast at 7:00 am for those we transport to school.  There are potentially six different schools, so breakfast is not served after 7:15 to allow them time to finish before we leave at 7:30.
  • Each child has his/her own labeled cubby for belongings: backpack, coat, snow clothes, etc.
  • After school pick up is offered on regular and early out days. Children arrive and put away belongings, wash hands, and choose one of two healthy snacks offered.
  • Weather permitting, we have outside recess after snack, after cleaning up the class. 
  • If they have homework they would like to complete, we provide pencils, erasers, crayons, scissors, etc., as well as help and support if requested.
  • We offer extracurricular activities: gymnastics and potential field trips on public school holidays.
  • We use a social and emotional curriculum 1-3 times weekly called Second Step.  It's an interactive way to help build confidence and self-esteem and teach children how to show respect for self and others.  It's been a great way to build relationships amongst the students as well as the teachers.
  • All school age students help clean up the class – cleaning tables, stacking chairs on tables, sweeping, emptying recycle into garbage bag and tying, washing mirrors, restocking toilet paper/ paper supplies, organizing toy/art shelves, organizing library shelves, washing walls/gates/door knobs/light switches/etc.   We feel these activities are valuable life skills. As they grow, we increase the difficulty of assigned tasks to increase his/her skill level.  Each student then washes their hands and then returns to class activities till parents arrive for evening pick up.
  • Procare allows us to send info on your child’s day, with pictures and messages between teachers and parents.  It’s a great communication tool!
  • Our bathroom has four stalls; the first three have four feet barriers, the last stall has a full wall.   After signs of puberty begin, school age children are welcome to use this stall for privacy.
  • We encourage students to talk through problems they have and will gladly help guide the process until a successful resolution is reached.
  • We are certified High Quality through the Child Care Quality System! Visit for more information.
  • Please feel free to ask any questions you have

First Day Item Checklist

  • Family Photo for our Family Board (you can also text/email one and we will happily print it for you)
  • Extra change of clothes (if your child has occasional accidents)

Progressive Preschool prefers all items to be labeled with your child’s name with permanent marker.

Call us to check our class availability!

Part-time and full-time options available. 

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