We use the most current Utah Core State Standards for Early Learning. This curriculum flows into and continues with what elementary, junior, and high schools use. Learning components consist of: English Language Arts, Fine Arts, Health Education, Lifelong Learning Practices, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, and Social Studies. We write weekly curriculum to teach various elements from each of these learning components to learn and practice daily.  

Each student receives a backpack, which contains a labeled folder. These folders are for completed art projects coming home (to hang on your fridge!), or notes we need to share, etc. Inside the backpacks you store a change of weather-appropriate clothes.

While you go to work to do your job, our main job here is to play—and boy are we good at it! We work all day every day.  

We have two Parent Teacher Conferences each year, to make sure we’re meeting your expectations, and that your child is doing their very best! We will give you two annual screeners to fill out, which we’ll use to make goals.