Big City Class


Children 3-5 years old, including half-day Kindergarten students.

Program Guidelines

  • We provide vocabulary rich daily opportunities for large group, small group, and individual learning. 
  • Preschoolers receive a Progressive Preschool Backpack!  We’ll provide a keychain with his/her name, and a folder for sending information home and back; this is also for a labeled change of clothes & accident clothes.
  • We follow CACFP; meals and snacks are offered every three hours.  We are also the highest level (3) of TOPStar; healthier food and snack options are offered with more physical activities.
  • We use Utah’s School Readiness Standards: Age Three to Five and Utah’s Pre-Kindergarten Entry and Exit Profile (PEEP) when writing curriculum for this class.  The results help us include materials, activities, and concepts in our curriculum planning to improve deficits; we provide engaging learning opportunities in each of our learning centers to teach about curriculum topics.  Curriculum is also tailored to meet each child’s individual, various social-emotional and academic needs.
  • The preschool day begins with open and free choice time engaging in hands on learning activities of the student’s choice. The classroom is strategically divided into 11 learning centers. No matter what they choose to engage in, they will be gaining various skills: fine motor, pre-writing, problem solving, critical thinking & reasoning, and social-emotional.
  • We also participate in circle time, where we practice skills like sitting with attention on the teacher, raising our hands, and taking turns speaking. We also work on pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-mathematic concepts.
  • Waterford UPSTART is an additional online curriculum tool utilized by the children via closely monitored computer time 4 days each week. Each session begins with 15 minutes of reading, but your child can continue further to math and science.  We perform periodic screeners to determine if any of their developmental learning areas are falling behind.  If they are, we provide parents with enriching activities to do at home as well as work on them here in class.
  • Reaching Potentials through Recommended Practices, or RP2, uses predictable schedules, routines3 – routines within routines within routines – and focuses on enhancing engagement levels between the student and their peers, adults, and materials used.  If more individualization is necessary, observations help teachers create individual opportunities for learning and growth.
  • Brightwheel allows us to send info on your child’s day, with pictures and messages between teachers and parents.  It’s a great communication tool!
  • Our goal is that your student will learn new things each and every day and have the social and physical skills to help them successfully begin kindergarten. This fun free choice approach has proved the best method to teach them to want to learn and be engaged in learning!
  • We are certified High Quality through the Child Care Quality System! Visit for more information.
  • Please feel free to ask any questions you have.

First Day Item Checklist

  • Family Photo for our Family Board (you can also text/email one and we will happily print it for you)
  • Extra change of clothes 
  • One or two blankets for naptime (optional) (we launder weekly)

Progressive Preschool prefers all items to be labeled with your child’s name with permanent marker.

Call us to check our class availability!

Part-time and full-time options available. 

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