Developmental Screeners

The screeners we use are designed and intended to aid you and your child in the beginning of their lifelong learning goals, providing insight and guidance to upcoming learning milestones and giving extra support for growing opportunities to teach and improve new skills.

Screeners are not in any way a judgment on your child, you, or your parenting style or skills, but a helpful method to enhance and progress your child’s learning!



ASQs are a quick and easy way to assess if children between birth and age six are meeting naturally occurring milestones. 

ASQs are specifically designed to pinpoint developmental progress and can catch delays in young children. 

We complete two biannually, and so will you!

We’ll take into account both end results and make future goals together.

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We use an assessment from the Utah State Board of Education called P.E.E.P.

Utah’s Pre-kindergarten Entry and Exit Profile (PEEP) is intended to inform various stakeholders, such as parents, teachers, and leadership, on the academic and lifelong learning practices essential for entering and exiting pre-kindergarten students. The information gained from the profile will be used to:

  • Provide insights into current levels of performance upon entry and exit of pre-kindergarten.
  • Identify students who may need early intervention instruction and promote differentiated instruction for all students.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of programs.
  • Provide opportunities for data-informed decision-making and cost-benefit analysis of early learning initiatives.
  • Identify effective instructional practices or strategies for improving student achievement outcomes in a targeted manner.
  • Understand the influence and impact of pre-kindergarten in both the short- and long-term.

— Utah State Board of Education, on Pre-kindergarten Assessment

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