Procare Parent App

Our center uses Procare, a phone app you can use with your telephone number or email address.   This childcare app is used to track sign in and out, manage classroom ratios, capture classroom milestones, communicate with families, track incidents, share photos and videos, manage tuition payments, invoice parents or payers and email receipts.  This app helps you stay in touch with your child’s community.  We can invite parents, grandparents, nannies, and friends if you wish for them to see what is going on and have access to your child’s day.  This option is per your discretion.

Infants will have all diapering, feedings, and naps logged daily.  Documentation will be done in real time whenever possible but will be caught up mid- and end of day on crazy, hectic days.  Remember that the health and safety needs of all children are priority to updates on this app.  

Toddlers (children one- and two-years old) will have recorded diapering – we will do so during potty training until they are fully trained – though we move away from documenting feeding and napping.  We will continue to update milestones frequently.  You will see their messy art activities, play with friends, water and sand activities, and outside play.  Your child is learning from all that play; we want to share as much of it as allowable in a teacher’s busy day.

Preschool children (3-5 years old) will use Procare to share pictures and videos as well as capture milestones of learning.  This will not be something to see every day, however usually 2-3 times weekly.

School age children will use Procare as a platform to share proud moments for them. Staff can customize the info sent, add kudos, or notes to parents.  Parents of school age students can also message changes in school bussing requirements or needs.  Summer Camp drop off and pick up needs for fieldtrips or outings can also be sent.

We are learning new things about Procare daily and the company is always making upgrades.  We will use new features we discover them as quickly as we learn!