Garden Room

Infant Care

Children 4 weeks to 15 months

Program Guidelines

  • Infants are on their own sleeping, eating and playtime schedule throughout the day.  
  • Infants are offered food every 3 hours unless they are sleeping. We’ll have you fill out a new eating & habits paper at 5 and 8 months, to transition to rice and baby food, then table food and whole milk.
  • Diapering is performed every 2 hours unless they are sleeping, if they are soiled in between, or as necessary.  
  • Our Staff strive to provide the same loving level of care that you do at home.  We spend time reading stories, talking about routines, teaching sign language, singing to and playing hand games with your baby throughout the day. 
  • We perform periodic screeners to determine if any of their developmental learning areas are falling behind.  If they are, we will provide parents with enriching activities to do at home as well as work on them here.
  • We provide a vocabulary rich daily environment, talking about items in their room and encouraging them to develop a speech for simple items.  Da da, ma ma, ball, dog, etc.
  • Young infants spend intentional time on their tummy daily to promote stronger neck muscles, head-holding, and pre-crawling skills.
  • Upon request, a daily chart is available to each parent that details out diaper changes, feeding times and amounts, and naps taken during the day. Similarly, the Brightwheel app can give you real time updates, though the children and their needs are our main focus, so we may update Brightwheel later in the day.
  • At ten months, we introduce additional experiences with art and sensory experiences. 
  • At 11.5 months, we begin adjusting their activities to the regimented schedule the older children follow, in preparation of them joining the Farm Room.
  • Our goal is that your baby will learn and develop each new milestone on target.  We want them to have the social and physical skills to help them successfully move to our toddler room. 
  • We are certified High Quality through the Child Care Quality System! Visit for more information.
  • Please feel free to ask any questions you have or ask for us to do something differently with your baby.

First Day Item Checklist

  • Family Photo for our Family Board (you can also text/email one and we will happily print it for you)
  • Extra change of clothes 
  • Diapers and Wipes
  • Bottle (labeled, no glass)
  • Formula (if infant uses something other than House Formula)
  • Binky (labeled – we will re-label this every day)

Progressive Preschool prefers all items to be labeled with your child’s name in permanent marker.

Call us to check our class availability!

Part-time and full-time options available. 

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